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“As a PT and Strength Coach myself, I know from working with numerous clients how difficult it can be adhering to nutritional practices. I have always been in fairly good shape, with a good understanding of nutrition, but I am my own worst critic, and have a (very frustrating) habit of second guessing myself, which resulted in me chopping and changing my own nutrition plan far too frequently, worried I wasn’t eating enough, or eating too much. As you can imagine, this resulted in a total lack of progress.
I have no problem dieting my own clients down to their physique goals, but for some reason whenever itcomes to me I just lose my head!

I’ve known Tom for a while, and have a whole load of respect for him and his no – nonsense approach, not to mention his proven track record, and I wouldn’t trust my own nutrition with anybody else, when in Spring of last year I decided I wanted to step on stage in a physique competition.

He took a non-emotional and objective approach, which was exactly what I needed.
From the moment he took over my nutrition for a competition prep, I instantly knew I was in good hands, and felt a weight had been lifted.He took out all of the guesswork for me, responded to my (oftentimes needy) texts and emails, told me what needed to be done, and what he expected of me.

I couldn’t have asked for a better Coach, and we are back working together now in my offseason looking to add some muscle before he diets me down for the stage again next year.
It’s helped me recognise that sometimes handing over the reigns to somebody else can be a really positive thing, and I plan on working with Tom for as long as he’ll put up with me!”


“Tom created for me a bespoke series of training programs (executed with a combination of in-person PT and also on my own) with a step change in the level of intensity. This was combined with an acute attention to detail in terms of nutrition and supplements – all to aid my main goal of fat loss. I gradually found that I was capable of much more than I had done before. The PT training sessions, with an emphasis on form and time under tension – and a bucket load of encouragement. Tom identified that I respond well to high volume and low rest, with a nervous system that takes a little while to kick in. As a result, the training was further refined.This guy lives the lifestyle, and understands that it can be hard to combine a demanding job with the training and strict nutrition. But, when you see the results he attains for himself and others, it spurs you on to maintain the discipline needed to eat well and to give 100% to all training sessions. The regular program changes and training variety also make this massively rewarding – especially as you start to see the results.”


“The very first time I came in, Tom conducted a body fat test using 12 different points on my body. It came out to be 17.6%. I weighed 205lbs. He quickly explained to me how our bodies work and what we need to fuel it. He wrote a diet and workout plan for lifting weights. I didn’t believe I was going to get anywhere without running but, 4 weeks went by and I was already at 13% feeling much leaner with a flat belly. At the end of the 12 week process I was at 9% body fat, weighing 195lbs. Thanks Tom!”


“Today I have run in the rain, eaten four eggs on toast for breakfast, spend 45 minutes on a self guided workout in the gym, eaten a second full cooked breakfast and am now looking forward to lunch. I first asked Tom to help me remove stubborn mid-rift fat. With that gone, he went on to help me build strength to run my fastest marathon ever. Nutrition is always an important part of the formula. From day 1, I was seeing progress, achieving my goals in measurable ways. When the objective became looking better than my cousin on the poolside, Tom delivered a workout focussed on that goal. All of this, delivered in a relaxed, easy going manner. I would strongly recommend that anyone who wants to enjoy the benefits of exercising properly take time with Tom.”


“Previously I have worked with Tom in the same gym and was impressed with his laser-sharp focus, professional yet friendly approach and wealth of knowledge. So much so that I hired him to prepare me for a bikini competition. Being a Personal Trainer myself I found it more encouraging to be accountable to someone who also delivered an intuitive and varied workout that would keep me motivated.

Again, impressed with the results when my body changed shaped, I was encouraged enough to book him again this year for my second competition.

Tom has been motivational and won’t let you get away with slacking no matter how good your excuse is – busy, tired, travelling – he’ll know about it and suggest solutions. Highly recommended!”


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