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FREE Hard Gainer Recipe Ebook

Imagine Walking into the Gym Every Single Session KNOWING You’ll be Stronger than you were last time, and that every single rep was laying down solid, head-turning muscle.

This was the game-changer for me.

Knowing that I could make fast gains, both in terms of building muscle and losing fat (as well as getting hulk-like levels of strength) meant motivation was never a problem.

While my own results at the beginning of my journey were good, it took years to develop a system that works for every guy … guaranteed.

It doesn’t matter how skinny you are now …

What you’ve tried in the past …

Your genetics …

What supplements you take …

The training program you’re following at the moment …

You CAN put on lean muscle mass, build a jaw-dropping physique and start to make your friends jealous with how fast your progress is.

It all comes down to my 3-step system …

Step 1: Train with the right FREQUENCY

You’ve probably heard that you need to train every day.

Perhaps you’ve read about bodybuilders only training a muscle group once a week.

Other guys say you should rest more days than you lift.

Plenty of big dudes say that full-body training is the only way to go.

The truth?

These are all WRONG.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach. You have to discover what works for you, based on your genetics, your schedule, your stress levels, your diet, your goals, and dozens of other factors.

Step 2: Eat the Right Foods

That’s actually kind of a misnomer.

There are no right or wrong foods, but there is a right or wrong diet.

Naturally skinny guys like you and I make 1 of 2 mistakes:

We either chronically under-eat carbohydrates, focusing too much on protein, and stay weedy and scrawny …

… or we eat as much as we can stomach and just get fat.

There is an in-between though.

If you can find that sweet spot, where you’re building muscle as fast as humanly possible while staying lean and making the most of your God-given fast metabolism, you’ve discovered that magic pill of physique transformation.

Step 3: Accountability

Step 1 and 2 are easy once you have them nailed down, but what’s not so easy is keeping on track.

I was okay – I had people when I started who were fighting my corner, kicking my arse to succeed and who picked me up, dusted me down, and shoved me back in the gym when I had a bad day and wanted to throw in the towel.

But we’re not all that lucky.

Perhaps your family don’t understand why you want to build muscle.

Your girlfriend’s worried you’ll start spending every minute in the gym.

Friends laugh because they think you’re going to fail.

Above all, no one believes in you.

They believe you’ll always be the skinny kid with no confidence, the loser who’d be terrible in a fight and the guy no attractive girl would ever want to go home with.

I know that feeling, and that’s why I’m here to help

FREE "Muscle in Minutes" WorkOuts Guide

Are you pushed for time and skipping the gym?

Most of my training sessions take 45-75 minutes. I understand that having this time free everyday isn’t a luxury you necessarily have. Life gets in the way…I get it. It doesn’t mean you cannot build muscle though.

Everyone seems to believe 60 minutes is magical when it comes to training. This dogma dictates that if you cannot get at least a full hour in the gym it is worthless. Nonsense! Don’t make the mistake of skipping the gym because you don’t have an hour spare. Instead hit a great workout designed to be as time efficient as possible.

Giving your body the signal to adapt and grow can be done in under 30 minutes. Stop using time as an excuse. If you are busy then follow the workouts listed for maximal muscle in minimal time. From 20 Minute Strength Builders, to Escalating Density Training, to Complexes and the great S.H.I.T Protocol and more. These sessions will optimise your time in the gym so you can maximise your progress even when time isn’t on your side.

Get in, get out and get growing.

FREE Muscle Building Calorie & Macro Calculator

Confused about how much food you should be eating to gain muscle? Or, by the rate at which you should be gaining?

This nutritional calculator will provide you with the exact amount of calories, protein, carbohydrate and fat you should eat to begin building muscle. Use this as your foundational starting point on your journey from scrawny to brawny.

The spreadsheet outlines your training and non-training day needs and automatically splits the daily totals into 3, 4, 5, or 6 meals/day depending on your schedule &/or preference.

It will also specify your weekly weight gain range and calculate how long it will take you to reach your desired weight.

Take the thinking out of your nutrition. Use this spreadsheet to get your starting nutrition plan on point. Then follow the plan, bust your ass in the gym, and monitor your progress on the scale.

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