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The Overlooked Secret to Better gains and Better Health

What if I told you there was one simple thing we all do every day that has a huge impact on our gym performance, recovery, muscle gains, fat loss, and immune function?


While we all do it, almost all of us sell ourselves short on it and underestimate its power.


Can you guess what it is?


Drumroll please…


…the answer is…




Sleep is your number 1 recovery tool!


I have talked repeatedly about sleep’s positive impact upon athletic performance and your ability to recover from hard training. The harder you can train without exceeding your capacity for recovery the faster you can make progress.


Sadly, most people just focus on training harder and ignore sleep. This limits their ability to train hard enough consistently enough.


A lack of sleep will limit your strength and muscle mass gains. It will also increase the chances of you losing muscle mass when cutting and gaining fat when bulking.


Sleep is vital!


Given the current health crisis it also seems to make sense to emphasise the powerful effects sleep can have on your immune function. Doing anything to minimise your risk of falling ill at this moment in time is a good idea!


Too little sleep and poor sleep quality are both correlated with an increased risk of catching infectious diseases!


Obviously, none of us want to get ill. Especially when new viruses like Covid-19 rear their ugly heads. Getting sick at the best of times is bad. Let alone during a global pandemic.


Assuming the Covid-19 pandemic passes and/or a vaccine is discovered then, the risk of a serious illness subsides, however, getting ill and catching another virus will still limit your gym progress. You can’t make progress if you cannot train. Being sick keeps you out of the gym and delays gains.


So, what are the vital stats about sleep and risk of getting ill?


Shorter sleep lengths carry a higher risk of catching the common cold. The same link has been found with pneumonia.


The evidence is very clear, a lack of sleep and/or poor-quality sleep can disrupt your gym progress and increase your risk of infection.


How do you improve your sleep?


Read this detailed article I wrote on the subject a few months ago for a step-by-step guide on optimising your sleep.


Want to know what supplements can help to support your immune system? Read this…

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