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How do you know that you are building muscle?
The problem with tracking muscle gain is that it’s a slow process. You cannot see the changes day to day.
You need metrics to track that can show you that you are actually building muscle.
I use 9 with my clients (go here for a detailed write-up on these).
Here is a quick summary of my top 7 for you to use (the other 2 are a bit more β€œinvolved/advanced” so, check out the longer article to get the details here.
1️⃣Scales. If your weight isn’t climbing you aren’t building a significant amount of muscle
2️⃣Mirror. How you look is what you’re trying to change.
3️⃣Progress Pics fulfilled the same role as the mirror, but are a more useful tool because the picture doesn’t lie.
4️⃣Increased training volume is one of the best indicators of muscle gain you have. Keep good records of your training.
5️⃣Tape Measure. If your muscles are getting bigger and your waist isntthen, you’re all good!
6️⃣Strength in the 6-12 rep range is a great gym based indicator of progress. If you can add 10-20kg on your big lifts in this range then, you will have gained size.
7️⃣If your clothes are tighter on your arms, shoulders and chest and still a little loose around the waist then you’ve got bigger.

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