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Book Review: How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy

By Paul Chek
If you have been around the health and fitness industry a while then, the chances are you’ll have heard of Paul Chek. He was one of the pioneers of CPD courses for personal trainers and established a popular brand teaching his methodologies through the Chek institute.


Over the years he has developed somewhat of a maverick reputation. Some of his teachings could be described as esoteric. While others fall under the “has he lost his mind” category for many.


I have heard him speak in-person and his energy, enthusiasm, and passion to teach people how to lead healthier lives is incredibly infectious.


I read this book several years ago. It is broken into 4 sections. These can be described as:


  1. Assessment (a bunch of questionnaires)
  2. Developing an eating plan for you
  3. Personalising exercise to suit you
  4. Fine-tuning your lifestyle to be healthier


I enjoyed the book. The principles within it are excellent and I think it is a great book for the average Joe looking to understand a bit more about healthy living.


However, it isn’t perfect…


While I don’t agree with the many of the details, I do agree with the over-arching premise of the book. The big picture message is great. You should assess yourself, develop a diet specific to you, a training plan which matches your goals and your schedule, and strive to create a lifestyle which optimally supports your lifestyle and longevity.


Should you read it?


I guess that depends.


If the above paragraph had you nodding along then, you already have the key concepts in place. To my mind you should then go about finding the specifics that will help you achieve them.


That might be in this book or another. To decide if you want to invest in this book I’d suggest having a google and watching some of Paul Chek’s videos. Does what he is saying jive with your approach? If so, grab a copy of the book ASAP, dive into and see what elements you can apply to yourself.


If the vids put you off or don’t appeal to you then, I’d consider looking for other teachers/writers/coaches to help you to address the 4 elements required to eat, move, and be healthy.


Here is an overview of his reasons for writing the book:

In closing I will say that I enjoyed the book, it is well-structured, clearly presented, well-explained and highlights the fundamental elements of living your healthiest, best life.


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