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Fat Loss Hack – An Apple A Day Keeps Fat Gain Away


More specifically, an apple 15-minutes before lunch can help you consume fewer overall calories. That brings a new meaning to lean in 15, doesn’t it?

Fewer calories = less fat

As study by Flood-Obbagy et al., found that…

“eating peeled apple segments containing 125kcals (roughly equivalent to 2 apples), 15 minutes before lunch led to people consuming 315 less kcals at lunch.”

That equates to a net reduction of 190 kcal!

As a double-whammy several studies have found that people consume fewer calories if they have had 500ml of water 30 minutes before a meal.

There have been other studies over the years finding similar findings with other strategies. In fact, the authors of the apple study stated that,

“This study adds to the research suggesting that starting a meal with a low- energy-dense food, such as soup, salad, or fruit, reduces energy intake at the meal.”

So, here is your simple 3 step fat loss hack:

1. 30mins before a meal drink 500ml water
2. 15 mins before a meal eat an apple
3. Have a low calorie soup or salad followed by a protein containing “main” meal

If you are looking to lose fat and want a strategy which focuses on the addition of foods rather than explicitly removing foods then this one is for you.

From a psychological standpoint I believe these strategies are easier to adhere to as they don’t rely on your willpower to say no to certain “bad” foods. Instead it sets you up for success by helping to reduce your calorie consumption with the addition of “smart” food choices/timings.

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