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Guest Articles and Publications

I have been fortunate enough to be featured in some of the top fitness websites and magazines. I have also had several client featured in the national press. And yes, I do use a retro typewriter and smoke a pipe like that dude in the picture (well actually I tend to be caffeine fuelled and write on a MacBook Air, but it doesn’t look as cool!)

I really enjoy writing about training and nutrition. I hope my articles help you to refine your approach and improve your results.

Here is a selection of my articles for other websites:


The Complete Guide to Bulking and Cutting

8 Things You’re Not Supposed to Do… That Work

A Fatal Mistake in Size Training

Painful Advice Every Lifter Needs to Hear

The Best Training Split You’ve Never Tried

Breaking Muscle

11 Rules for Hardgainers to Live By

What Science Has to Say About Building Muscle

Hypertrophy Tips for the Long-Limbed Lifter

Success Leaves Clues so Does Science

6 More Hypertrophy Tips for the Long-Limbed Lifter

Individualizing Macro Ratios for Fat Loss

Stay Injury Free While Training for Size

Why Linear Periodisation Sucks for Hypertrophy

Muscle Monsters

Art of the Deload: Doing Less to Build More Size and Strength

Part 1: Periodizing Your Training for Maximum Hypertrophy 

Part 2: Periodizing Your Nutrition to Match Your Training

10 Surprising Muscle Building Foods for Skinny Guys

Healthy Living Heavy Lifting

Periodisation for Hypertrophy

6 Guaranteed Tips for Long-Limbed Guys to Pack on Pounds of Muscle

Clients Featured in the Daily Mail

How to get a Body Like a Model

From Banker to Bodybuilder

Client Featured in the Daily Star

Man Halves Body Fat in Just 12 Weeks





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