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The Daily Grind – 15th Edition

Week 2 of overreaching and I felt it!
Bench felt awful all week. On Friday I was shattered despite having a decent sleep. Energy levels were low all day and I had to resort to caffeine to push me through the day. By the end of the week I was really looking forward to a deload. I am still looking forward to this weeks deload even after 2 days off which, I think, shows it is needed.
Interestingly, I felt like I was handling the increases in volume well on my back training. Everything else though was suffering. My chest and legs were sore, my left knee was aching a bit. Back, however, felt like it could take more. I will have to factor that in in future.

Monday –

A Bench Press, 1×6, 1×4 (same weight as I managed 6/6/5/5 last week. A sure sign recovery wasn’t keeping up with my training. I thought about going straight into a deload after struggling for 4 reps on set tow but, instead decided to perservere and find out if it was jus the  bench press that was suffering or everything…)

B Low Incline DB Bench, 4×10, 1×8 + drop set on final set & super set ccable flyes (turns out chest was feeling ok on this and I was able to do more sets and reps than last time. Perhaps I just hit a wall on BB bench)

C Neutral Narrow Low Rows, 4×8 (thee felt really good)

D Lat Pulldowns, 4×8 + drop set of final sets super set with straight arm pulldowns (back also felt good on these)

E Prone Trap 3 Lift 3×6 (held the peak contract for a 6 count on each rep & last set superset with reard delt flyes)

F DB Lateral Raises, 5×12 + last set did a drop set then a super set with Poliquin Lateral Raises (basically lift with bent elbows and extend arms out at top, then lower on a 5 count)

G1 Rope pressdowns, 5×12 + double drop set on final set

G2 EZ bar preacher curls, 5×12 + drop set on final set super set with cable curls

H35 sec eccentric dip

I 35 sec eccentric chin (both the eccentrics were added in to create some more muscle damage and of course training volume)


A Deadlift, 1×1 (4 warm ups sets before this weight I starting to get back to respectable numbers)

B Deadstop Legpres, 5×6

C Linear Hack Press, 2×12 (up 10kg on last week – getting used to this machine)

D Leg Extensions, 4×10 + double drop set on final set

D Lying Leg Curls, 4×8+ 20 partials at end of last set

E BB Goodmornings, 3×10 + super set with DB RDLS

F BB Banded Hip Thrust, 3×12 + no band drop set on final set

G Legpress Calf Raise, 4×10, 1×8 + drop set on final set & super set with swiss ball leg curls

Wednesday (no more Hump Day this is Pump Day!)

A Plate Loaded Machine Shoulder Press, 4×8, 1×6 (an extra set)

B BB Upright Rows 5×12 (an extra set)

C Lees Lateral Raise 5×12 + drop set on final set

D Machine Reverse Flyes, 4×20, 1×18 + double drop set on final set (up in weight on first 3 sets)

E1 Smith Machine Close Grip Bench, 14/9/12/10/12

E2 BB reverse curls, 14/12/10/14/14

F1 decline DB skullcrushers, 14, 14, 10, 14

F2 incline DB curls, 12, 14, 10, 14 (went heavier on set 1)

G1 rope French press, 13/12/14/12 + super set with a double drop set of rope pressdowns on final set

G2 db hammer curls, 2×20, 2×16 + super set with a double drop set of rope rope hammer curls on final set

On all the arms supersets I kept rest very short. Went from straight from the first exercise straight into the second and then took 30s rest before going again. This resulted in a wicked pump and some extremely light weights being thrown around.


A Hack squats, 3×12 (as every week…still horrible but I managed a bit more weight this week)

B 45 Degree Legpress, 5×15 (extra set with more weight compared to last week)

C Leg Extension, 15, 12, 15 + double drop set on final set

D Lying Leg Curls, 3×12, 2×10 + 20 partial reps on final set (extra set, more reps and 5 extra partials….GAINZ!)

C 45 degree back extensions, 5×15 + Bodyweight to failure after final set

E Machine Calf Press, 15/15/15/15/12 + double drop set on final set

F Eccentric Accentuated Leg Curls, 1×6 lift with two and lower with one leg in 5 secs


A Bench, 2×10, 1×7  (20 band pull-aparts between each set) Bench definitely suffering. Same weight as last week and way down!

B DB shoulder press, 12/12/10

C Machine Incline Press, 5×12 (upped volume here as it felt good and to compensate for bench sucking)

D Pec Deck, 12/12/10/8 + double drop set on final set

E Lat Pulldowns, 12, 12, 12 with a wide grip, then 2×12 facing away with the rope and 3×12 with a neutral grip (loads more volume – felt pretty good)

F Pronated Seated Rows, 3×12, 1×10+ double drop set on final set (paid the price for all the extra pulldown volume!)

G1 cable curls, 3×15, 2×12 + double drop set on final set

G2 V bar Pressdowns, 15/15/15/15/13  + double drop set on final set

H Machine rear delt flyes, 5×15 + double drop set on final set

I Machine lateral raise, 4×15, 1×13 + double drop set on final set

J eccentric accentuated (lift with 2 lower with 1) machine triceps extension, 1×6 with a 7 sec lower

K eccentric accentuated (lift with 2 lower with 1) machine preacher curl, 1×6 with a 7 sec lower

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